About Vincent Smith

Vincent Smith is a full time artist from Dublin, where he has his studio.


He is primarily influenced by what he sees in the real world and works extensively on landscapes and streetscapes of all types. Vincent's work mostly conveys life in Ireland and the diversity of the landscape. Vincent has also completed portraits by commission on a number of occasions.


Vincent works primarily in oils and a variety of other media to produce works in both contemporary and traditional styles.


Although Vincent received some formal N.C.A.D. training in his earlier years, he is largely self-taught. In recent years, he has attended the Dun Laoghire Institute of Art, Design & Technology, and is also a member of a number of artist groups.


Vincent shows his work in various galleries and group exhibitions, and has also held some sole exhibitions around the country.

Contact Details

Cabinteely, Dublin, Ireland

+353 872 531 822


VINCENT SMITH - Irish Artist


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